Artificial grass for tennis courts (synthetic turf, artificial turf)

For the construction of tennis courts, artificial grass with a pile height of 9 to 22 mm with different densities is used, where quartz sand of a certain fraction is used as infill.
Artificial grass is also used for padel courts, pickleball, and touchtennis. For private and recreational courts, a suitable option is when the tennis court also has lines for sports such as mini football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.
Artificial grass tennis surfaces are used not only for outdoor play, but also for indoor play. Compared to other types of tennis surfaces, artificial grass is the most practical to use and does not require complex maintenance. To play on tennis courts with artificial grass, there are no strict requirements for player footwear, unlike hard courts. But when choosing this type of surface, you should keep in mind that artificial grass is not used for professional tennis tournaments. The maximum level of tournaments with such surface is local, regional or club. However, some artificial grass tennis surfaces are ITF certified.
We supply artificial grass with the materials for it's laying and install tennis and multisport artificial grass surfaces. Installation of artificial grass requires certain skills and special equipment. The artificial grass tennis surface is install on a crushed stone, asphalt or concrete fundament. The base for outdoor courts must have both vertical and horizontal drainage.

Some main types of artificial grass for tennis courts:

Pile height 20mm.
Choice for budget tennis courts.
Low density artificial grass.
Affordable and proven quality tennis system
Pile height 15mm.
Best solution for tennis and multisport.
High density artificial grass.
This artificial grass has excellent ball bounce-uniform and predictable.
Pile height 10-11mm.
High quality artificial tennis court.
High density artificial grass.
This turf allows optimal pivoting and sliding.
Semi-filled with sand and very dense artificial grass for padel courts.
Guaranteed a stable playing surface with a perfect balance between grip and slip, perfect ball bounce and a natural twist and grip of the foot.
This turf is available in 8 colours!


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