Construction of tennis courts since 1998
more than 400 tennis courts have been built by our company
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Surfaces for sports grounds
  • Football covers
  • Multifunctional sports surfaces
  • Surfaces for sports halls
  • Artificial grass for sport grounds 
  • Polypropylene surfaces for sport

Tennis court dimensions:
The length of the playing field is 23.77 m, the width in singles is 8.23 m, the width in doubles is 10.97 m. There must be free space around the playing field for players to move freely. According to International Tennis Federation standards, the total standard dimensions of a tennis court, including the free space around the playing field, is 36.57 meters long and 18.29 meters wide (40 x 20 yards).
The length of the court is divided in half by a net, the height of which is 1.07 m at the edges of the playing field and 91.4 cm in the middle.
For private tennis courts, it is acceptable to reduce the total dimensions of a tennis court to 34.0 x 17.0 m (area 578 sq.m).
The minimum permissible total dimensions of a tennis court are 32.0 x 16.0 m (area 512 sq.m).

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