Equipment for tennis courts

Clay tennis court maintenance equipment

(enlarge) code#40136 "ROLLER"  Tennis Court Motor Roller. With two-part roller body with differential for better turning of the roller. The 900 mm wide trailing roller prevents the roller from sinking into the tennis surface.
Engine: Honda GX 160, four-stroke engine 4.0 kW = 5.5 HP at 3600 rpm. Electronic, contactless ignition, Oil warning control system.
Fuel /oil: unleaded regular petrol / with biodegradable hydraulic oil!
Working width: 900 mm.
Weight: empty approx. 350 kg, filled approx. 480 kg.
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(enlarge) code#40140 "CUTTER"
Clay Court Cutter. A special machine designed to remove the old clay top layer of clay tennis court.The exact height adjustment is done by hand with 2 wing screws. With this device, the milling depth can be determined with millimeter precision. The "CUTTER" tennis court milling machine rolls at the front on 2 independently mounted roller bodies. As a result, the pressure is evenly distributed so that it hardly sinks in, even when the places are defrosted in spring.
Engine: Honda, 4-stroke, 4 kW/5.5 PS.
Cutting width: approx. 655 mm
Weight: approx. 75 kg.
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(enlarge) code#40161 "TURBO" 
Turbo broom is designed for the quick removal of old clay from the top of tennis court. Due to its low weight, the broom can be moved effortlessly. Tennis lines can be easily run over with the turbo broom. Turbo broom can be used in many ways: Large areas, parking lots or paved roads can be cleared of leaves, snow and other trash.
Engine: Honda four-stroke engine approx. 5 hp. regular fuel.
Broom drive: V-belt drive left/right.
Working width: approx. 90 cm.
Tires: balloon tires.
Weight: 83 kg.
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(enlarge) code#40142 "SANDY"
Tennis Sand Spreader. "SANDY" is easy to operate by hand and it is able to take a maximum volume of  ca. 120 clay. With its size of ca. 1000 x 500 x 600 mm it is very handy and has got an ideal weight of 50 kg. The working size is 990 mm. The functional device for spreading clay  was developed by experts and has been proven effectively on various courts. Even on uneven ground you get a completely smooth surface, which only has to be machined with a dragnet.
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Equipment for maintaining tennis courts with artificial grass

(enlarge)  code#110000(enlarge)  code#110000
“Tennis court’s synthetic grass roughening and loosening machine”

Over the past few years, many clubs have noticed that their easy-care tennis courts with synthetic grass with silica sand infill have become compacted, waterproof and hard. Even the moss has taken root. The reason is too little or no care. The surface can be loosened again using the proposed roughening machine equipped with a 45 cm wide hard nylon brush. The brush removes the hardened silica sand from the surface and lays it loosely back on the surface. It then needs to be removed either using the suggested removal machines or manually. New quartz sand can then be applied, treated and then continuously maintained using the equipment provided.       
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(enlarge)  code#110020 (enlarge)  code#110020
Cleaning and removing machine for tennis courts with synthetic grass”

This machine removes the pre-loosend dirt, moss and the previously loosened top layer of quartz sand. The brush sweeps this soiling into the appropriate collecting box. Working width: 100 cm.          
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(enlarge)  code#110030 (enlarge)  code#110030
Synthetic turf maintenance machine for tennis courts”

This machine performs the following work in one operation: loosening, aerating, levelling and structuring. This machine has been designed for continuous use. Regular treatment with the machine will put an end to quartz sand hardening and moss formation. Working width: 80 cm. A profitable investment for any club.           
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(enlarge)  code#40885
Special Smoothing Mat for Silica Sand”

Mat made of 3 cm coconut fibers with PVC. Complete with drag cord. Size 120 x 100 cm. For uniform distribution of quartz sand over the surface of a tennis court with synthetic grass.           
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Equipment for tennis courts

Dividing nets for tennis courts; Teniso kortų skiriamasis tinklas; Eraldusvõrk tenniseväljakule
possible thickness: 2.3mm/ 2.4mm/ 3.0mm/ 4.0mm/ 5.0mm 
mesh size: 40mm/ 45mm
possible colors: black, green, blue
possible sizes: any, on request
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Protection nets for sports grounds and sport halls;
Sporto aikštelių ir sporto salių apsauginiai tinklai;
Spordiväljakute ja spordihallide turvavõrgud
mesh size (mm): 20/25/40/45/70/100/120mm
possible thickness (mm): 1.5/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0/ 4.0mm
possible colors: black, green, blue, white
possible sizes: any, on request
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Safety nets for football pitches
Apsauginiai tinklai futbolo aikštėms
Jalgpalliväljakute kaitsevõrgud
mesh size (mm): 70/100/120
possible thickness: 3mm/ 4mm/ 5mm
possible colors: black, green, white
possible sizes: any, on request
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Tennis Net Post Court Royal TP83"Tennis Net Post TP83"
Round post, Ø 83mm. Special  reinfor-ced aluminum profile with groove for fastening the net holding rod. Internal trapeze tensioning mechanism with an aluminium key for easy net tensioning.  Clip-on cap made of cast aluminum including safety chain. Overall length of posts: 142 cm. Weight: 10.5 kg.
"Tennis Net Post TP80"
Square post, 80x80mm. Special reinfor-ced aluminum profile with groove for fastening the net holding rod. Internal trapeze tensioning mechanism with aluminum key for easy net tensioning. Clip-on cap made of cast aluminum including safety chain. Overall length of posts: 142 cm.Weight: 10.5 kg.
"Tennis Net TN20"                Available in black or green.
Made of 3.4 mm braided polyethylene, black, hand-knotted, the upper 6 rows double-knotted, stable polyester net enclosure stitched four times. The most popular classic tennis net. Used in the tennis league, ATP-tournaments, Davis-Cup, as well as in the Olympics. A top-class product. Complete with steel wire.  DIN EN 1510.
"Tennis court benches TPU"  Available with sunshade (canopy).   Made of aluminum alloy. High-elastic leg covers which could protect the floor. Polyester powder coating, weather-proof. Awnings (sunshade/canopy) are available under request.                   Dimension: L 2040×W 720×H800mm.  Color: Forest Green/White/Wood grain. Custom color available.